Monday, March 21, 2016

Ace Adventures: A Confusing Deadline

Ace, standing tall at his podium, began to address the crowd that started to gather ‘round.

“By the last day of this month,” Ace continued, “you must mail the recipient copies of your 1095-Bs and 1095-Cs to all applicable recipients.

“For my ALEs, that means, uh… That means…” Ace trailed off.

“Well? What does it mean??” A voice from behind Ace questioned.

“And I’ve taken everything you know about the March 31st deadline right out of that thing in your head you call a brain,” Confusion said as she broke into another fit of evil laughter, and Ace fell to his knees in soon-to-be defeat.

“Hey, wait!” called a voice from the crowd. “I know about that! Wasn’t Ace talking about it earlier this year?”

“Oh, yeah,” began another bystander. “The recipient deadline that’s usually going to be when all the other forms are due to payees or employees. You know, like the 1099s and W-2s.”

“Right,” continued the first crowd member, “and if you offer your employees healthcare coverage throughout the year, this is the form you report that to the IRS on!”

“Wait, how did you know that?!” Confusion exclaimed. “My spell should still be clouding your mind!”

“Oh, it’s not your fault, Confusion,” Ace said as he stood up. “I’m sure it’s an excellent spell. But you can’t keep this brain down for very long. No, not with all of my brain exercises.

“But your most fatal mistake was made when you decided to attack me here. For knowledge can be shared more easily than you think, especially when one chooses to speak up.

“Thank you, citizens. I couldn’t have done it without you! As for you, Confusion, be gone. Your spread of ignorance is not welcome here!”

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