Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Full-Time Employee Calculator for ALEs

We can’t stress how important it is to get the total amount of full-time employees (FTE) and full-time equivalent employees exactly right for your ACA compliance and reporting. The IRS, among answering many questions about who qualifies as an FTE, has provided a way to determine the amount of FTEs you have:

  1. First, add up the total hours of service you paid wages to employees during the year (this shouldn’t exceed more than 2,080 per employee).
  2. Next, divide that total by 2,080.
  3. If your result is not a whole number, round to the next lowest whole number.
  4. Unless the result is less than one, then round up to one FTE.

Calculating your employees’ hours worked this way helps with circumstances where an employer may qualify for the employer shared credit even if they have fewer than 50 actual full-time employees on the payroll.

For instance, if you have 48 individuals employed part-time, they could equal out to be 24 full-time employees, qualifying you for some credits.

ExpressIRSForms includes a full-time employee calculator within the program, as do ExpressACAForms and ACAwise. We’ve included as part of our continuing promise to bring you the easiest, most convenient solution in e-filing services. Use the FTE calculator to double check your own math, or let it do the work for you!

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