Thursday, June 16, 2016

3 Ways CPAs Benefit From Using ExpressIRSForms

CPAs are facing a whole new workload this (extended) tax season: ACA forms. With all the sensitive information being handled in CPA offices during the busy season, ExpressIRSForms wants to help make sure CPAs e-filing ACA forms for their clients aren’t met with any avoidable issues. That’s why we’ve included a few features to our ACA e-filing system we think, as a CPA, you’re going to like.

File for Multiple EINs Using One Account
One of the issues with a lot of e-filing software out there is that you can only assign one business or EIN to an account. As a CPA with multiple clients - and therefore multiple EINs - this could mean keeping track of login and password details for each of those clients. Let’s be honest, you’ve got better things to keep track of. With ExpressIRSForms, you can add as many different EINs as you need.

You can even check out and e-file all of your forms at once (rather than transmitting them individually by EIN) to take advantage of our higher volume filing prices.

Multi-user Functionality
Whether you work as part of a team or your clients want to review their returns before you transmit them, we understand there are instances when you’ll need to give others access to your ExpressIRSForms account. That’s why each account comes with multi-user functionality, enabling you to give secure access to your account to whoever you need. From your Account Settings, you can send a secure link to your coworker/boss/client, giving them as much access to the account as is necessary.

Postal Mailing Options
Along with filing 1095 Forms to the IRS for your clients, copies of these 1095 Forms must also be sent to the recipients of their offers of coverage you’re reporting. That adds up to a lot of extra time (and money) spent printing copies, stuffing envelopes, stamping them, and mailing them to the correct people. Unless you use ExpressIRSForms.

Before you transmit your forms, you’ll have the ability to select our Postal Mailing feature. If you opt for this feature, our ACA team in Rock Hill, South Carolina is alerted and sends the recipient copies of the 1095 Forms out in the mail by the next business day after you transmit.

If you have any questions about filing with ExpressIRSForms, give us a call! We’re available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EDT, at (704) 684-4751 or by live chat. We also offer 24/7 assistance through

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