Monday, February 29, 2016

The Adventures of Ace and the Evil Paper Cut

Welcome back to the Adventures of Ace, the world’s first e-filing superhero! Unfortunately, in Ace’s absence, the city did not fare as well as Ace reassured himself it would.

Little did Ace know that a villain, more villain-y than Confusion, was lurking on the outskirts of ExpressIRSForms. Biding his time, this ne’er-do-well waited for Ace to leave the city before invading. He infiltrated, slowly at first, but soon gathering enough speed to spread the kind of chaos Confusion has nightmares about.

Ace would recognize that tell-tale smell of toner and __ anywhere. He was an old but disastrous foe: Paper Cut. In addition to mixing up paper filing and e-filing information in taxpayers’ heads, a wave of information return forms followed him, flooding the streets with papers passersby can’t help but try to figure out.

As Ace flew closer, he could hear the screams that meant Paper Cut wasn’t far behind.

“The e-filing deadline’s today! I haven’t even started!” screams one taxpayer.

“I already e-filed but didn’t send in a 1096! Now I’m going to have to pay the IRS!!” screams another.

“Why, why would the IRS require people who file more than 250 forms to paper file?” lamented a third. “I think my hand’s going to fall off!”*

“And I’ve got just the thing!” Ace continued as he flew off.

Returning almost immediately with what appeared to be a giant half-lemon. In fact, it was a giant lemon, cut in half. Flying to where Paper Cut set up his Epicenter of Confusion (a throne made of stacked paper), Ace squeezed the lemon half directly over Paper Cut, sending a wash of lemon juice over him and dissolving his throne.

“I’ll get you for this Ace!” Paper Cut screamed as the deluge of citrusy liquid washed him out of town. “You can’t protect your precious e-filers forever!”

“How’d you know what to do so fast, Ace?” the wide-eyed child of one of the confused taxpayers asked Ace.

“It was easy! There’s NOTHING more detrimental to a paper cut than lemon juice! Now, taxpayers, gather round so I can set the record straight on these paper filing and e-filing requirements.”

And so another day in ExpressIRSForms ends peacefully, thanks to the help of Ace and his giant lemon.

*All of these are common paper filing/e-filing mix-ups! For more information on paper filing, check out our previous blog. And if you have any questions regarding e-filing or filing deadlines, you can always contact one of Ace’s sidekicks here at ExpressIRSForms. We’re available by phone, 704-839-4470, and live chat Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. We also offer 24/7 email support at

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