Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Penalties Increase When You File W-2 Forms Late

You know how sometimes you’re late and that’s the worst that could happen? Like in a college course with a lenient professor or when you’re the boss and are a few minutes late to a meeting. Unfortunately - and not surprisingly - “being late” isn’t considered a punishment in and of itself with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Instead, if you file your W-2 forms late, they’ll have you count up even more money this year to send them to give you a chance to think about what you’ve done. In previous years, the absolute most the IRS could fine you for late filing was a measly $3 million ($1 million if you’re a small business). Now, that number can get upwards of $3,193,000, or $1,064,000.

Keep in mind that you could be subject to this penalty if you:
  • Fail to file your W-2s on time,
  • Fail to include all the required W-2 information in your return,
  • Include incorrect information in your W-2 return,
  • File on paper when you’re required to e-file,
  • Report an incorrect TIN (so like an SSN or EIN),
  • Fail to report a TIN at all, or
  • Fail to file paper W-2 Forms that are machine readable.
There is a small silver lining: if you have reasonable cause for why you were late or incorrect in your filing, the IRS will work with you to get your W-2s filed correctly rather than penalize you. So best start preparing a better excuse than “the dog ate my information returns” because these are the fees you’re looking at for late or incorrect W-2 filing:
  • $50 per W-2 Form if you file correctly within 30 days of your due date
    • Maximum penalty: $532,000
    • Maximum penalty for small businesses: $186,000
  • $100 per W-2 Form if you file correctly more than 30 days after your due date but before August 1
    • Maximum penalty: $1,596,500
    • Maximum penalty for small businesses: $532,000
  • $260 per W-2 Form if you file after August 1 or don’t file your returns or corrections at all
    • Maximum penalty: $3,193,000
    • Maximum penalty for small businesses: $1,064,000

Now you see why it’s such a big deal to have your W-2 Forms filed on time, especially since that the deadline to complete and submit your W-2 return with the SSA has changed. So it’s a good thing you’ve found your way to ExpressIRSForms! Our program makes e-filing your W-2 Forms as fast and simple as possible. Sign up today to get started and set up your account in preparation for the upcoming tax season!

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