Friday, May 27, 2016

What You Need to Know About ACA Form Corrections

While we all want to assume our ACA forms will be filed correctly - with every i dotted, t crossed, and number in its place - the first time around. But with the sheer amount of information that will go into some filers returns, it’s understandable some forms may come back rejected. If that’s the case, you’ll need to be prepared to file an ACA correction.

With ExpressIRSForms, it’s easy to file a correction for your ACA forms. When your return is rejected, our system pulls the form(s) with the error for you to fix and takes you step-by-step through the process of retransmitting.

So what might you possibly need to correct on the forms? Here’s what can be corrected on each form so you can double check before e-filing (although ExpressIRSForms does that too) to help keep your forms from being rejected.

Form 1095-C
  • Employee details
    • Name, address, and SSN
  • Employee offer and coverage information
    • Offer of Coverage code, employee share amount, and Safe Harbor code
  • Covered Individuals details
    • Name, SSN or date of birth, and months covered

Form 1095-B
  • Responsible Individual (employee) details
    • Name, SSN or date of birth, address, and Origin of the Policy code
  • Employer details
    • Name, EIN, and address
  • Issuer details
    • Name, EIN, and address
  • Covered Individuals details
    • Name, SSN or date of birth, and months covered

Form 1094-C
  • Employer details
    • Name, EIN, Address, and Designated Government Entity details (if applicable)
  • ALE member information
    • Total number of 1095-C forms, Aggregated ALE Group details (if applicable)

Form 1094-B
Form 1094-B has no additional information on it that would cause a return to be rejected, and therefore would not require any corrections.

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