Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Now's the Perfect Time to Get an Online Signature PIN

As you’re probably aware, your second quarter 941 Forms were due yesterday (July 31st). That means there’s no time like the present to apply for an Online Signature PIN for your third quarter filings coming up in a few months!

3rd Quarter Filing
As a quarterly return, Form 941 is required to be filed four times a year. Each time you file, you’re reporting important tax information to the IRS regarding your business’s finances for the previous fiscal quarter. This information includes the federal, social security, and Medicare taxes withheld from employee paychecks (as required by the IRS) as well as your tax liabilities as an employer for the quarter.

For the third quarter of 2017, which lasts from July 2017 to September 2017, Form 941 must be submitted to the IRS with any tax payments by October 31, 2017.

Getting An Online Signature PIN
Applying for an Online Signature PIN is not a difficult process, but it can be a time consuming one. You see, when you e-file certain IRS returns, like Form 941, you’re required to e-sign the form to verify you are (or the authorized person is) actually filing the form. You can do this by completing an e-signing Form 8453-EMP or by using a 10-digit PIN assigned to you by the IRS for filing purposes.

Getting a verified, activated Online Signature PIN can take up to 40 days, even when applying online. That’s why it’s best to go ahead and apply now, that way you have plenty of time to get set up with your PIN before the third quarter filing deadline. And with ExpressIRSForms/TaxBandits, it’s never been easier to apply:
1. Log into your account. (You can log in here using your ExpressIRSForms info or go straight to TaxBandits.com).
2. Select the Start New Form button.
3. Check the 94x Online Signature PIN Request option in the 94x Forms section.
4. Enter your employer details manually or by importing an employer from your Address Book.
5. Enter the identifying information (name, title, SSN, email, and phone number) of the Signing Authority to be associated with your Online Signature PIN.
6. Enter your credit card details.
    NOTE: Your credit card will NOT be charged and the information associated with it will NOT be saved in our system. This is simply to verify your identity, which we’re required by the IRS to do before submitting your Online Signature PIN request.
7. Click the orange button to Send PIN Request.
Simple as that!

What Happens Next
After you submit your application for an Online Signature PIN through TaxBandits, the IRS handles the rest. They’ll receive and review your application and, if approved, send you a letter with your 10-digit Online Signature PIN. You’ll need to confirm that the information associated with the PIN in their letter matches your application. Included in the IRS’s letter will be a letter for you to sign, authorizing that everything is correct, and send back to the IRS within 10 days of receiving your PIN. Once the IRS gets this back, they’ll activate your PIN for you to use for future e-filings!

Oh, and did we mention all this is absolutely FREE?!

If you have any questions about applying for your Online Signature PIN, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re available by phone (704-684-4751) and live chat Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. We also offer 24/7 email assistance at support@TaxBandits.com!

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